Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Series of Unfortunate Events

Review by Sister Kari Ansari

I simply love these books. If ever there was a children’s author who respected the intelligence and sophistication of his readers, it’s this author. These books use language in a manner that is so engaging, intelligent and fun, your kids don’t even realize that they are enriching their vocabulary while reading. The stories feature the misadventures of three orphaned siblings, the Baudelaires, who, by using their own intelligence and wit overcome all sorts of outlandish misfortunes. I recommend these books for kids no younger than 3rd or 4th grade, as they are more sophisticated in theme and plot than the books referenced above. Publisher’s Weekly writes, The author uses formal, Latinate language and intrusive commentary to hilarious effect, even for readers unfamiliar with the literary conventions he parodies. The peril in which he places the Baudelaires may be frightening (Count Olaf actually follows through on his threats of violence on several occasions), but the author paints the satire with such broad strokes that most readers will view it from a safe distance.

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